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  2. A hole in my stocking –  Disrupting power through play in the Kickstarter Creative Arts project
  3. An exploratory study on teachers’ code-switching from per-spectives of Vietnamese EFL experienced teachers and student teachers
  4. Becoming a leader? A narrative inquiry into the leadership practice of an English Language Centre Administrator of a higher education institution in Hong Kong
  5. Between Idealism and Realism – Critical Peace Education in Divided Post-Conflict Contexts
  6. Constructing Understandings of yourself in Education as a Refugee Learner in Malaysia – Insights from a Pilot Study
  7. Does ‘WOW’ translate to an ‘A’? Exploring the effects of virtual reality assisted multimodal text on Chinese Grade 8 EFL learners’ reading comprehension
  8. Early childhood education in India – A possible investment in better outcomes? A quantitative analysis using Young Lives India
  9. Embodied meaning making –  A case study investigating the use of gesture in the responses of year 1 children to a wordless picturebook
  10. How to avoid ‘Christmas Tree’ innovations- introducing and sustaining the use of learning platforms in schools
  11. Literature Review on Issues Surrounding GCSE Textiles Courses in English Secondary Schools
  12. Reflections on the lived experience of non-verbal children through a counselling-practitioner researcher lens
  13. Rethinking the Significance of Creative Writing – A Neglected Art Form behind the Language Learning Curriculum
  14. The Nexus of Language and Culture – A Review of Literature on Intercultural Communicative Competence in Foreign Language Education
  15. To Mix or Not to Mix – A Critical Review of Literature on Mixed-Age Groups in Primary Schools
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